Privacy Notice

Last update 24.09.21

PLC WaterReserve OÜ more than others understands the value of privacy and security. This Privacy Notice is here to help you understand what your personal data is collected, stored and used, and what happens to it, when you use our website.

In this Privacy Notice we answer the following questions:

1. Who are we?

We are PLC WaterReserve OÜ, located at Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kristiine linnaosa, Mustamäe tee 6b, 10616, Estonia, registration code: 16316410. Hereinafter, WaterReserve OÜ, will be referred to as "we" and "our".

We are the controller of your personal data, so we determine what, for what purpose and how your personal data will be processed.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by sending an email - You can also send us a letter at the address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kristiine linnaosa, Mustamäe tee 6b, 10616, Estonia.

2. What does this Privacy Notice cover?

This Privacy Notice applies to our Website.

In addition, we can get some data from our Telegram.

3. What data do we collect and why?

The data we process is divided into three categories: technical information, data that is provided to us by visitor, user or crypto holder and data >provided by third parties.

Technical information. When you visit our website, some data is collected automatically. We need technical data to operate, maintain, and improve our website. This includes data such as IP address, UTM parameters, geolocation, device type, browser type and data about your interaction with the website - session ID.

Data are provided to us by the following data subjects:
  • Visitors — all persons who visit our website.
  • Users — visitors who filled our contact form.
  • Crypto holders — visitors who exchange cryptocurrencies.
Visitors Users Crypto holder
Only technical information. We can collect: email. We receive:
personal Binance Smart Chain wallet address, amount and type of cryptocurrency exchanges, amount of WTR.

Data provided by third parties. Information we can get from Telegram. We can collect: Full Name, photo, phone number, information about yourself, information you can provide if you interact with our group.

Once again, detailed about what personal data we collect:
Type of data Description of data Legal basis Reasons for processing
Automatically collected data
  • Technical information;
  • Session ID.
Legitimate interest Website operation; Analytics; Statistics.
Crypto holders
Provided to us
  • Personal Binance Smart Chain wallet address;
  • Amount and type of cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Amount of WTR.
Performance of the contract cryptocurrency exchange
Provided to us
  • Email
Legitimate interest You asked to be notified of the release date
Data provided by third parties
You connect with us through Telegram
  • Information you can provide if you interact with our group;
  • Full Name;
  • Photo;
  • Phone number;
  • Information about yourself.
Legitimate interest marketing, support

Pay your attention. We knowingly do not process the personal data of users under the age of 16 without consent from legal representative(s). If you are such a user, or you are the legal representative of the user, please let us know by email

4. How long do we keep your data?

We store user data during the use of our services and for 3 years afterwards.

We store technical data (visitor data) for up to two years.

You can exercise your right to delete your data. In this case, your data will be deleted from our servers within 30 days of your request.

Note: the data concerning your crypto transactions is stored and can’t be deleted

The length of time we can retain data from third parties is determined by Telegram`s Privacy Policy.

5. Do we share data with third parties?

We use your personal data to perform a contract and for communication between us and the visitors, users, crypto holders. We use and transfer your personal data in measures which are needed to perform a contract. Also, we transfer your data on the following grounds:

Consent. We transfer your personal data based on your explicit consent.

Compliance with the law. We will disclose your personal data to third parties to the extent that it is necessary:
  • to comply with a government request, court order, or applicable law;
  • to prevent unlawful use of our website or violation of the Terms of Use of our website and our policies;
  • to protect against claims of third parties;
  • to help prevent or investigate fraud.

Transfer to third parties: We transfer your personal data to third parties on the basis of a public offer for processing on our behalf, subject to technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

6. Do we do data transfer outside the European Economic Area?

The personal data we collect is stored on our servers in Estonia. By default, the data is processed in Estonia, but we may need to process your personal data in another country.

7. Do we use cookies?

We use cookies necessary for the functioning of the website. Using cookies, we receive the technical information specified in clause 3 and our Cookie Policy.

If you want to disable cookies, then you can find instructions for managing your browser settings at these links:

8. What rights do I have regarding my data?

You, as subjects of personal data, have the following rights:
  • The right to access information. You can request an explanation of the processing of your personal data.
  • The right to portability. You can request all the data that you provided to us, as well as request to transfer data to another controller.
  • The right to restrict processing. You may partially or completely prohibit us from processing your personal data.
  • The right to file complaints. If your request was not satisfied, you can file a complaint to the regulatory body.
  • The right to be forgotten. You can send us a request to delete your personal data from our systems, unless there is a legal requirement to keep it.
  • The right to withdraw consent. For data that you have previously consented to, you can always withdraw your consent and we will stop processing it.

To exercise your rights, write us an email at We will answer you as soon as possible.

If your request was not satisfied, you can file a complaint to the regulatory body — the Data Protection Inspectorate, at or write a letter to 39 Tatari St., 10134 Tallinn.

9. How do we update Privacy Notice?

This Privacy Notice and the relationships falling under its effect are regulated by the GDPR. Existing laws and requirements for the processing of personal data are subject to change. In this case, we will publish a new version of the Privacy Notice on our website. If significant material changes are made that affect your privacy and confidentiality, we will notify you by email or display information on the website and ask for your consent.